A Complete Guide to Gulliver’s Gate NYC


Gulliver’s Gate NYC is one of the most spectacular miniature museums in the world. A large team of designers and craftsmen have created New York and many other landmarks in miniature size. In the Gulliver’s gate, there are 25 cities in 6 continents within an exhibition space of 50, 000 feet. In the world of Gulliver’s gate, every train and flight arrive well on time and there is no delay due to security check at the airport, no big line in the grocery store and tiny people do their business well on time.

In most of the world, where miniature world is shown you may not be able to see many details about the hidden scenes but you can see that in miniature Gulliver’s gate version. This can be used for both education as well as for entertainment. It is very nice to keep it at home especially if you have small kids.

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Gulliver’s Gate NYC

Here you can find miniature version of all the attractive places around the world right from great wall of China to Whitney Museum of American art. Designers have prepared them accurately as per the actuals after working tirelessly in each of the areas.

Why you must visit the Gulliver’s gate NYC?

Following are few good reasons why you may choose to visit Gulliver’s Gate NYC

  1. Discover the world

One of the most exciting things to do is exploring the whole world from a secured place and Gulliver’s gate NYC offers just that kind of opportunity to you. You can get the experience of more than 26 cities from different continents of the world along with life like models, which can easily display the cities and all their glory.

  1. Space for days

Any miniature building meant to exhibit is not expected to occupy too much space however in case of Gulliver’s gate things happen little differently. The whole exhibit is spread over within an area of 50, 000 square feet. Within that much area all the tiny bridges, buildings and landscape of the world is accommodated.

  1. Edutainment at its best

With the help of Gulliver’s gate NYC, you just do not explore the whole world within a limited amount of area but also you can learn a lot about different cultures of the area. Not only that, you will get an opportunity to learn the geography about the area and also learn about model making and 3-dimensional printing too.

  1. Tiny experiences

Besides having the pleasure of viewing the whole scenery, you can also exercise the options of having an interactive experience so that Gulliver’s gate can come back to life. You can see fully functional airport as well as naval docks and many other hidden scenes that are not apparently visible. Therefore, you will never be bored by looking at various interactive elements present which is scattered all throughout the area under exhibit.

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