Planning Travel to Italy


Planning travel to Italy inspires thoughts of beautiful landscapes, history, food, and more. While international travel doesn’t always allow time to fit everything in, you can increase your chances of a successful trip with these tips.

Choosing a Region to Visit

There are 20 regions in Italy, and each has something unique to offer. Deciding which region or regions you’d like to visit will help you determine which airport to fly into and what kind of transportation you’ll need while there. There are popular tourist destinations, such as the Lazio region, which includes Rome. But there are hidden gems as well. Michael Canzian travels to the Friuli–Venezia Giulia region of northeastern Italy which is a beautiful area consisting of mountains, lakes, and an abundance of history. One might want to travel to Sicily, the most southern region of Italy, and experience the coastline, villages, and ancient ruins. Also exciting is the region of Lombardy, where the famous shopping streets of Milan are filled with fashion and design.

Getting Around Italy

After you’ve decided where you’d like to travel throughout the country of Italy, you’ll need to decide how you’d like to get around. If you plan to travel extensively from one region to another, a car rental might be your best bet. However, trains are a popular choice in Italy, due to their affordability and ease. Train travel allows you to enjoy the gorgeous countryside without worrying about navigating between cities.

Accommodations in Italy

After choosing the areas you’ll visit, it’s time to focus on accommodations. There are so many options in Italy, including hotels, bed and breakfasts, VRBO, and home exchanges. Sometimes the best way to soak up local culture is to stay in someone’s rental home or bed and breakfast. Experiencing day-to-day life in a neighborhood will introduce you to more authentic dining and socialization. Other days may call for a luxurious or restful hotel where someone else does the tidying and takes care of details for you.

Dining and sightseeing in Italy

Finally, when you’ve determined where you’ll be staying, you can begin to easily budget your time and finances to fit in the sights that you traveled for. Michael Canzian lists several natural and man-made destinations in the region of Italy he travels to. It can be helpful to make a list of priorities when deciding where you’ll visit in Italy.

Traveling to Italy can be one of the most impactful trips of your life and getting organized before you set off can make your trip smoother and more enjoyable.

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