Why a Private Jet is the Way to Travel in 2021?


Airlines have been among the businesses most impacted by the pandemic and traveling has never been more difficult. But for those who have to travel for business, you may not be able to put your operations on hold until there is a vaccine. If you have the means, traveling by private jet is the best way to fly and avoid getting sick or putting others in danger.

Less Chance of Contracting or Spreading COVID-19

The biggest draw for flying privately is obviously the decrease in chances of contracting or spreading coronavirus. A study by one jet operator showed that the chance of being exposed to COVID is 30x lower on a private jet compared to a traditional commercial air flight. Every time you go out in public you are taking a risk with your own life and the lives of others. However, as businesses reopen and economies begin to rebound, avoiding air travel entirely may not be possible. Flying privately is one way to avoid exposure to the virus, while still conducting necessary business.

The Private Flight Industry Has Not Been as Drastically Impacted By the Pandemic

While private flights do not make up as large a market as commercial air travel, they also have not been as drastically impacted by the shutdown. The private flight market has virtually returned to pre-pandemic levels, after a drop-off in March 2020, whereas the commercial flight industry is operating at around half-capacity compared to where it was in 2019. Many commercial airlines are going to be forced to make up that lost revenue somehow, mainly by cutting amenities and services. Private airlines in contrast are able to offer customers luxury and convenience, which looks pretty attractive compared to the dangers of flying commercial.

Avoid Getting Stuck with a Layover 

Flying private allows you to get to your destination quicker and avoid being stuck with a layover. The last thing anyone wants to do in a pandemic is getting stuck in an airport for several hours or be held up in line waiting for the flight to load. You can simply avoid all these problems by flying private and being able to load and unload whenever it is convenient. For those who can afford it, the benefits of avoiding airports during this pandemic are well worth it. By flying private, you can get directly from point A to point B without wasting any time and getting stuck in uncomfortable situations that can be potentially dangerous. When you’re ready to travel in comfort and style, find a private jet company near you to take you where you need to go.

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