What to Do If You Plan a Late Night Out in Sydney


Sometimes, in order to visit a different place, you don’t actually have to travel to a distant location. All you have to do is wait for the night to gathers and venture out into an exciting new adventure. There are some venues that are open only at night, whereas there are some places that change when the night falls. Everything is more secretive, more mysterious, scarier and less familiar at night. Sydney is a no exception to this rule and regardless if you’re a first time visitor or a local, there’s so much more to see, try and learn on a late night out. Here are some suggestions.

1. A ghost tour

People who are interested in paranormal, as a phenomenon, or horror, as a genre, might want to take a different kind of tour around Sydney. We’re talking about finding a guide to show you some of Sydney’s rich paranormal history. It goes without saying why this is something that needs to be done in the late hours. Due to the fact that this is quite a popular idea, there are more than several organized tours around the city. Even for someone who has spent their entire life living here, it may give you an opportunity to see the place from an entirely different angle.

2. Visiting a Sydney Tower Eye

Previously, we’ve mentioned that looking at a city from a different perspective may give you an impression that you’re someplace else. Well, in order to visually confirm this hypothesis, all you have to do is visit a Sydney Tower Eye at night and take a look at the city from above. The view you get from there will be something that you’ll never forget. With the right camera, you can even take photographs that you’ll later turn into mementos that can last a lifetime. Think about it, how many of the people you know can brag with such a photograph?

3. Sex tourism

Even though Sydney might not be the first place you’ll have in mind when talking about sex tourism, you would be surprised at just how much this Australian metropolis has to offer in this field. Now, before we even proceed, it’s important to be realistic and mention that Sydney strip clubs don’t precisely have a sterling reputation. Sydney brothels, on the other hand, are a different story altogether. These clubs are incredibly discrete, both when it comes to locals and foreigners and now in the digital era, it’s even easier for one to find a place to visit. All they have to do is look for ‘brothel near me’ on their smartphone and immediately find their next destination.

4. Visit a nightclub

If what you’re looking for is a good time that involves a lot of people, alcoholic beverages and some good music to dance to, what you need is a nightclub. Fortunately, there’s an abundance of amazing places in Sydney that you can visit. The Junction, Stonewall and Oxford Art Factory are just some of the places that you’re bound to encounter on every single guide of Sydney nightlife. The place that you choose, however, should probably reflect your idea of good time. Also, reading reviews often leads to getting a negative impression, seeing as how people who had an amazing time seldom feel the need to write a thing or two on this topic.

5. Check out a karaoke bar

Even for someone determined to take an alcohol-free tour, Sydney has so much to offer. There are numerous karaoke bars that work until as late as 3:30 AM. Sure, a visit to such a place is much better in a good company but even visiting one such place on your own wouldn’t necessarily be such a bad idea. Other than this, you can also pay a visit to some pool bars, which often work as late as 2 AM. Overall, it all comes down to your personal preference and your own definition of good time.

6. Harbor cruise

If there’s one thing that Sydney is known for it is amazing seaside and a unique harbor. Instead of just going to a restaurant for your meal, why not go for a 6-course dinner on a luxurious vessel. If you’re traveling with a partner, this will indeed be a new and unique romantic experience that they’ll never come to forget. Of course, there’s a number of tours for you to choose from, yet, you need to start somewhere.

In conclusion

From the above-listed six ideas, it’s more than clear that Sydney has something different to offer for every single one of its visitors, regardless of their inclinations, habits or preferences. Still, seeing as how it’s unlikely that you’ll manage to see all of the above-listed in one night, this might be a tour that you need to take in continuation.

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