What Should You Experience In Egypt


It has been remarked many times in Egypt that there are endless trips in Egypt. It is very difficult to imagine how this desert contains so much human intelligence. Before visiting this county you should hire a car that may help you travel so, but just make sure you are find a very high quality vehicle like campervan hire melbourne I chose in Australia before ,because there are a lot of deserts in Egypt that requires a well-condition vehicle.

Experience Cairo
Cairo is a fantastic place. Cairo is a fantastic place. There are many sites you must go visit such as the pyramid, Egypt Museum, and the Saladin Castle. Actually Khan El-Khalili can satisfy your crave for shopping. But you must know that most items from this market are “made in china “as well as the sign “MIC” although the merchant will still say it is Egypt’s famous brands.

Above the Nile River
You haven’t been to Egypt if you haven’t been to the Nile River; and you haven’t been to the Nile River if you just been for a glimpse. If you set off your trip from Aswan and Luxor, not only can you enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Nile River, but you can also visit the classic Temple in Egypt and touch the magical incantations and legends.

Hurghada: enjoy the beauty of the oceans
The Red Sea is a really good place to visit for the holidays; it is different from Cairo. One side is the sea and the other side is the stunning landscape of Sahara desert. But choosing Hurghada as your last travel spot is quite a good idea. Hurghada is famous for its Diving environment. Here, there are many undersea relics that may attract your curiosity. For example, dive into the sea from a Submarine and you can see the ancient shipwreck or join a glass-bottom cruise to see the variety of colorful corals.

When you leave the sea, you can join a Sahara desert afternoon tour. It is a great opportunity to see the mirage during the noon. The mirage here is quite different, an inexistence large lake from far away.

Another interesting thing of Hurghada is that there are no people in the street before 3 p.m., but during 4p.m. until dawn, it will fool you into a mirage as hilarious.

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