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Many people love to go on vacation every year. Depending on finances and available time off work, it can be hard to find a place to go. Some love to go to the same places every year which can bring familiarity and anticipated events year after year. Others may like exploring different places when they go away. Here are some states you could think about visiting on your next family vacation.

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Pennsylvania is a great state to enjoy all throughout the year. Summertime offers a variety of activities for one to do such as fishing and watching professional sports. Several RV parks are located throughout the state offering great camping experiences for your family. A well-known place found in northeast PA is the Poconos. Here you’ll find plenty of hiking and fun in the summer, while skiing and snowmobiling can be done in the winter.

North Carolina

North Carolina offers great weather for its visitors. Inland you can find one of its largest and most popular cities, Charlotte. Across the state, you’ll find some amazing BBQ restaurants for those who like to dine on the local’s staples. There’s a nice mix of city lights and country living that you can enjoy as you explore this state. If you like the water, you can also find some beachfront rentals North Carolina.

New Jersey

New Jersey is a state that has a broad variety of things to do. The northern part of Jersey is well known for being an expensive place that neighbors NYC. Some famous hotels and restaurants are in that area, so you never know who you might see. Down in South Jersey though, you’ll find it famous for the shore. The beaches and boardwalks are filled with fun and memories.

Whether you like to go to the same place or find somewhere new to go, vacation is a great way to relax. Maybe one of these three places will spark an interest in where you’ll go on your next trip.

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