Travelling To America? Check Out These Insider Tips


Local knowledge is a valuable thing to have when visiting a place. It makes things easier and more fun. Finding the best places to see, catching special events, getting great deals – these are what make any trip into a great experience. Here are a few valuable insider tips to help out with your trip to the United States.

Do not over-pack – go out light, come back heavy. Avoid stress by taking only the basic necessities in minimal baggage. Anything you might need is available in the States, and usually at a good price. You will want to buy goodies, gifts, and souvenirs anyway. When it is time to leave, look for a thrift shop. Grab a used suitcase for a few dollars and pack your extra goods for the return trip, then throw or give the suitcase away when you get home.

Use the Internet to plan ahead. Most places in America are not oriented towards tourists, and there are a lot of unmarked treasures to find. For sightseeing trips, realise that things in America are spread out and it can take a while to move between spots. Planning ahead from home with lots of time and your own computer and Internet connection makes it much easier to find things, create efficient itineraries, and gather useful information. Even if you are going to the U.S. strictly on business, there could be an excellent museum, a great night club, or a local secret dining spot right near your hotel. Search areas online, take notes, and write down directions. While in America, chatting with people, looking at posters and flyers along the street, and reading local publications can produce excellent results when it comes to catching special events and finding places that other tourists never discover.

Learn the rules and follow them. Rules about drinking age and places where drinking is allowed, laws about smoking areas, and traffic regulations are often very strictly enforced in America. If you plan to drive, be very careful about parking. If your car is towed away, you will pay hundreds of dollars to get it back. Car insurance is an absolute necessity for driving, and be sure to have traveller’s medical coverage as well.

Look at this infographic from the U.S. travel experts at Application ESTA for more help in planning your trip. Visiting America is fun and easy once you know your way around. Get a little inside information and you can experience the USA that most tourists never see.

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