The Fully Saturated Taxicab Industry: How To Pick The Perfect Transportation Solution


As the transportation sector continues to get watered down by inexperienced freelancers, unregulated drivers, and other fast-talking swindlers, it has become increasingly difficult to find a reliable, distinguished taxicab service in today’s day and age.

So if you’re in the midst of researching local taxis and private hire in Salford, for instance, feel free to use this brief article as a checklist to ensure that you’re hiring seasoned professionals as opposed to novice drivers and unregulated pop-up firms.

Step One: Look for a Long-Standing and Accredited Firm

Right from the beginning, you’ll want to establish a shortlist comprised only of local companies that can tout the following traits and aspects:

  • More than 50 years’ experience within the private hire sector
  • All drivers have completed the Road Passenger Vehicle Driving NVQ
  • Licensed with the Salford City Council
  • Extensive track record of providing both corporate and one-off services

Step Two: Look for a Comprehensive Assortment of In-House Vehicles

Regardless of whether you need a single ride or recurring corporate service, it’s in your best interests to seek out a firm that can tout a robust collection of modernised vehicles:

  • Executive sedans
  • Well-appointed full-size SUVs
  • Luxury cars and contemporary carriages
  • Mercedes-Benz Vito minibuses (seat 16)
  • In-house cleaning and maintenance provisions to ensure a spotless, unsoiled fleet on a year-round basis

Step Three: Ensure a Robust Suite of Personalised Services

If you’d like to establish a long-term relationship with a single taxicab company, you’ll want to turn your attention to each firm’s aptitudes and proficiencies to ensure a versatile, multifaceted approach:

  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Airport transfers for business trips and holiday excursions
  • Luxurious wedding transportation solutions
  • On-demand call-back services (the driver calls you upon arrival)
  • High-end chauffeurs available
  • Long-term accounts and customised scheduling available
  • Intuitive online request form directly on the company’s homepage
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