Tasmania – a Perfect Destination for Active and Mindful Holiday


Tasmania may be a small part of Australia, but it has a welcoming heart. Nature alone is good enough reason for many to come here and escape their fast-paced urban lives. After all, there are 334 islands besides the main one and they all offer something special for their visitors.

Colorful wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and rich tradition make Tasmania a perfect destination for an active and mindful holiday. And if you happen to plan to go there, here are some parts of this cluster of islands you shouldn’t miss.

1. Freycinet National Park

Freycinet is one of the most beautiful national parks in all Australia. It’s pink mountains and white beaches give this area an enchanting, almost fairy-like look. One of the best beaches in the world Wineglass Bay is located on the Freycinet Peninsula.

Hazards Beach is a remote beach which offers a peaceful setting for visitors who want to escape the crowds. It is located in the foot of the Hazard Mountain Range which is characteristic for their granite pink peaks. Kayaking is a popular activity in Freycinet and it can even turn into a couple-of-day adventure.

2. Bruny Island

Bruny Island is an excellent place to see fur seals, fairy penguins, and migrating whales if you come in the right season. Besides the marine life, the island also has a wonderful countryside which is perfect for hikes and bike rides. To get the 360-degree view of the island, go to the Neck which is located in the Bruny Park and you can reach it via wooden steps.

When it comes to food, Bruny Island is famous for its fresh oysters served at the Get Shucked Oyster Bar. The area also has the Bruny Island Cheese Company where you can try and buy some of the cheeses made on the farms. Cape Bruny Lighthouse is the most southern spot on the island but it’s well worth the drive to see the landscapes, even when it’s raining.

3. Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires is a great spot in Tasmania to hike along the coast and jump in the water while doing so to cool off. That and kid-friendly tracks make this place an ideal destination to spend some quality time with your family. The diverse flora and fauna of Mount Williams National Park will show you some of the most amazing animal species like Bennett’s wallabies.

This is also a home to numerous bird species so professional and amateur ornithologists will enjoy exploring the wild here. The pearly beaches of Bay of Fires are ideal for sunbathing and swimming, while the marine life will attract fans of snorkeling and diving. Landscapes of this area are astounding and many people come here to relax from the city fuss and recharge.

4. Cradle Mountain

Hiking on the Cradle Mountain is one of the most satisfying ways to engage body and soul into your active holiday. Join one of the guided walking holidays and embark on a few days journey which will take you by the amazing lakes of Cradle Mountain like Crater Lake and Dove Lake.  During the walk, you will see some of the 11 endemic birds, diverse vegetation and animal life like Tasmanian devil and platypus.

The most famous hiking trail Overland Track runs from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair and attracts thousands of people each year. It will take you through the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area which includes dramatic mountains, lush rainforest, and fast rivers.

5. Tamar Valley

Tamar Valley is the best wine region in Australia not so far from Launceston. The climate of the area makes possible to produce high-quality wines which have positioned themselves well in the world wine market. This is the area you visit to dine in some of the many restaurants and enjoy the wines from the local wineries.

Besides the vineyards and wine routes, Tamar Valley is also a home to Low Head Coastal Reserve where you will find the smallest penguins in the world. George Town is full of history being that it’s one of the first Australian settlements. If you want to take in the whole Tamar Valley, then you must go to the Mount George Lookout to take photos and enjoy the mesmerizing view.

6. Corinna

If you are looking for a tranquil place, then Corinna is your perfect destination. This small town was once a mining settlement and now is the place where you can find the famous Huon pine.  The whole experience can be more nature-oriented if you stay in a rustic cottage and go on hikes in the largest temperate rainforest on the continent.

This is a remote area you will need to reach by boat, but if you want to truly relax and leave the chaos behind you, then it is a must-visit destination.

All in all

Finding a perfect destination for the active and mindful holiday is not easy. But an area so rich and exciting as Tasmania easily offers a lot of options to choose from that you will certainly come here again.

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