Start the Party Right with a Coach Hire


Coach hire is a fun way to make a party mobile. There are many opportunities to customise a party for any age group. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are often progressive. You may start out at someone’s house or a restaurant and then move on to a dance club or pub. Hiring a coach makes it easy for everyone to ride to these locations together. Kids may also enjoy a ride with friends for a birthday treat. Teens may also like to go for dinner before a dance. There are many possibilities.


Modern parties are not always at home. They may be at a restaurant, a movie theatre, or a park. Sometimes, you may even want to visit more than one location. Plan your route before the party so you know how many hours to rent the coach or minibus. Consider how long you need to stay at each location. If you have kids going, allow a little extra time to gather them and load them up. You can take kids to a fun restaurant, a museum, and a park. Adults may enjoy some fine dining, a wine tasting, and an art gallery.

  • Plan a party that moves to different locations
  • Brides and grooms may enjoy a party around town with their friends
  • Teens can attend dinner and a school dance together after a fun ride


A coach or minibus is a great way to get around town with a large group of family or friends. If you have guests visiting from out of town, you can load everyone up and act like tourists. Visit the best restaurants, famous museums, and a show at the theatre. You may even rediscover things that you forgot are in your hometown. A local coach hire in Solihull can help you get everyone to the same place at the same time for a great visit and tour.

Parties and tours often require the use of a coach or minibus because there are so many people. A bridal party, for example, consists of the bride and all of her bridesmaids. There may also be several other friends that attend, if different venues are planned. Even kids can benefit from a fun coach hire. They can have all their friends in one place for the entire trip to and from the party venue. Plan the perfect party without worrying about coordinating transportation.



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