Places to visit in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka offers a variety of options for explorers. It can be extremely difficult for you to set an itinerary. It’s tempting to visit just about any place it brings to the table. Anyway, you could choose according to your interests. If you want to surf and hike, you can give the Globushocker inside you a chance to take responsibility. A 9-day itinerary would benefit you if you would like to visit Sri Lanka. Moreover helps you to make this choice.


The capital of Sri Lanka is where you’ll arrive, and if you think you’re there, you may need to explore the city. You can also visit Negombo, 35 km north of Colombo.


The journey from Colombo Airport to Galle takes about 2.5 hours. Alternative alternatives are a train or a transport that would take longer. Spending an evening in Galle would be enough to go to your next stop. Apart from bile, Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna would be the most logical option. These are two dazzling shorelines 20 minutes apart.

The social triangle

You definitely do not want to miss the social triangle commonly referred to as the King’s territory. For culture and history, visit Anuradhapura, an ancient 3rd century BC city. The sanctuaries in Dambulla, the ruins of Polonnawura and the Sigiriya Rock Fortress are a must in this area. The lovely sanctuary and the magnificent statues of Buddha will make you completely enchanted. This could take 3 days without much time.


Ella is a small town surrounded by tea gardens. It is a good place for trekking and the slopes make the climate pleasant. Located about 200 km east of Colombo, IT is an incredible place to visit the opportunity to appreciate harmony and tranquility.

Adam’s Peak

Adams Peak (also called Sri Pada) is a funnel-shaped mountain that is (7359 ft) high. There are around 6 hiking trails where you can hike. It is advisable to look for the direction of the neighborhood when choosing a path.

Horton Plains

The Horton Plains are located in the priority countries of Sri Lanka. It is mainstream for its tourist fascination and is known as “Universe’s End”, a precipice that remains at an altitude of 4000 ft. The Horton Plains are accessible from Nuwara Eliya. The case of the baker is also a well-known tourist attraction.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park is known for its thickness of panthers. It has a selection of different creatures, including elephants from Sri Lanka. Yala has a safari selection and is a treat for untamed life friends. Because you have a number of places to visit. You could connect with a motion operator who can organize your walk. Choosing a motion operator can make planning the whole tour easier. A nearby tour operator could provide you with more clues as to whether the recorded locations are open, and coordinate and maintain your transportation. It is possible that you have the opportunity to study this beautiful nation independently of other people to make sure that you have done well first.

Trincomalee, a port city on the eastern shore of Sri Lanka, boasts the beautiful Nilaveli, Uppuveli and Red Shake shores with pink rocks. From June to September, the coast of Trincomalee also turns into a problem area for whale and dolphin watchers. Everywhere in Sri Lanka, there are numerous accommodations associated with this game that can help you to make your experience extraordinary. Not only in Trincomalee is Fort Frederick, the largest Dutch fortress in Sri Lanka, but also numerous places that are of crucial importance for Hindus and Buddhists, such as the Koneswaram Hindu Kovil and the Seruwila Sanctuary. Not to be missed is definitely the historic center of the Naval and the Hoods Tower, which was a post-point for the British Navy, and then offers a superb 360-degree view of Trincomalee. Trincomalee is crucial because it is a characteristic port, in truth the fifth largest in the world. Be prepared to face some routine checkpoints as they are within the areas that were part of the ethnic conflict.

If you are looking for groceries, you can buy tea that is available in many flavors. The nearby laborious work is another choice. The batik work on site is breathtaking. Batik is a texture processing that uses wax and paint. You can buy tapestries, sarees and various things made with this craftsmanship. The precious stones and gems that are accessible here are something else that is worth considering. To be honest, the city of Ratnapura (actually the city of jewels) is outstanding for its rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. You can also take home a selection of good flavors. There are many aromas throughout the nation where you can learn more about developing and using a variety of flavors.

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