Mawlynnong – Cleanness is next to Godliness


Mawlynnong is a little town in the East Khasi Hills area in Meghalaya, the dwelling place evolving mists. Mawlynnong is acclaimed for its matrilineal society and also having been proclaimed Asia’s cleanest town which goes under the Pynursla people group improvement square and authoritative get together voting demographic.

Mawlynnong is a town in the East Khasi Hills locale in the Indian territory of Meghalaya. It is popular for its ladies driven society and in addition having been pronounced Asia’s cleanest town. According to the review of 2014, there were around 95 homes in Mawlynnong. The proficiency rate was 100%. The localities are essentially possessed with horticulture, with betel nut being the principle collect. The general population dwelling here has a place with the Khasi Tribe while different clans is Garo.

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Things to See and Experience in Mawlynnong

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Now let’s look at the most amazing places to visit in Mawlynnong under the given list:

  • Mawlynnong Village

This little pleasant town, which ignores the sylvan fields of Bangladesh, is remarkable in more courses than one. It has earned the sobriquet of ‘God’s Own Garden’ and also considered of acquiring the status of being ‘Asia’s Cleanest Village’. The accomplishment may be an old one, yet the town people keep on satisfying it. The lavish green town, situated in Pynursla square of East Khasi Hills region in Meghalaya, has around 87 condition cognizant families who ensure their habitation spic and length non-stop.

  • Valley of East Khasi Hill

The drive through cloud-kissed valleys from Shillong, nicknamed Scotland of the East, to Mawlynnong is a dreamlike affair. There’s a maxim that the adventure is as excellent as the goal in this piece of the nation. The winding streets from Shillong are encompassed by slopes with little falling cascades on both the sides―a postcard picture setting. Mawlynnong is found 90 km south of Shillong.

There are various view focuses in transit that gives a look into the awesome green valleys and the amazing scene that goes with the voyager till the section purpose of Cherrapunjee.

  • 100 Years Old Church of Mawlynnong

The People of the State of Meghalaya practice Christianity as their religion. This is clear once you travel around the State and see great Cathedrals and Churches here. A large number of the Churches in Meghalaya are more than 100 years of age and host an appeal of the British Era in India. The general population of Mawlynnong Village also are passionate Christians.

  • Sky Walk

Sky View is the most attractive thing to do for the tourist in Mawlynnong. It is also considered as a celebrated interest of Mawlynnong Village. This survey tower is very high of about 85 feet approximately. The entire skywalk is made of durable bamboo. When you reach this particular spot, you’ll be mesmerized with the magnificent points of view.

Furthermore, since the town lies on the Indo-Bangladesh periphery, you’ll have the ability to see the border of Bangladesh with its picturesque view.

Cuisines of Mawlynnong

The best part about the cuisine you eat in Mawlynnong is that every last bit of it is readied utilizing naturally developed vegetables. Indeed, even the meat originates from in-house reproduced animals and birds.

There are a wide assortment to vegan and non-veggie lover dishes to relish; pick from pork hurled in chime peppers and greens, newly cut and smoked banana-blossom, Jadoh – a meat and rice based pleasure), and Tungrymbai – a rich work of matured soybeans, bamboo leaves, and neighborhood flavors.

How to Reach Mawlynnong

Mawlynnong is 90 KMs southwards of Shillong. You can procure taxis at Shillong or settle on a guided visit. From Shillong the street goes southwards till it bifurcates, one going towards Charrapunji and different towards Dawki-Tamabil, the Bangladesh fringe crossing point. You need to take the Dawki Street. The Street condition is not too bad acknowledged for a couple of stretches. The last stretch is a preoccupation from the principle street through thick woodlands. Transports ought not to cost more than INR 250 and traveler taxis ought to associate with INR 500 for each set out toward multi-day.

Best Time to Visit Mawlynnong

Mawlynnong encounters a cool and lovely temperature consistently. The summers that is from March to June, is an extremely lovely time. It is neither too hot nor excessively cool and the temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius to 24 degree Celsius. June to September is the monsoon time and is most likely the best time to visit this town. The monsoon months are joined by overwhelming downpours and tempests. Amid this period of the year, the blossoms sprout and the earth turns out to be very vivacious. The winter month which begins from December and finishes in February are frigid cool. The base temperature amid this time may even drop to 2 degree Celsius.

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