Kolad – excellent destination for adventure


An excellent destination for adventure seekers more so at the time of the monsoons Kolad is also a famous tourism spot for rafting located in Maharashtra. A part of Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India it is situated in the deep interior of Sahyadri Mountains in Raigad district. Here one can find lush green vegetation which is pleasing to the eye and brings a spark to the soul. The River Kundalika is home to thrill-seekers from around the country who gather here for spectacular boat rides.

Kolad is a small but well-known village located on the banks of River Kundalika which is included in Honeymoon & Romantic Packages India. It remains a place for off the beaten track tourism as well as India Honeymoon & Romantic Packages.

How to reach

Kolad is at a distance of about 100 km from Pune and 120 km from Mumbai. It is seen as an ideal weekend getaway for citizens of both these metropolises. Besides, it has gained fame as being the perfect spot for a honeymoon.

The village is located on NH 17 a highway which leads from Mumbai to Goa. It can also be reached by using the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. The MSRTC operates daily bus services to Roha from Kolad.

It is well connected to Mumbai by train. The journey takes about 3 hours.

Best time to visit

The most beautiful time to visit Kolad is between June and March for best Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India.  Monsoons are an ideal time to travel to the region. Winters are mild and pleasant, but for thrill seekers, the water level is low and unsuitable time. The summers are quite warm and if possible should be avoided for honeymoons.


The principal attraction of Kolad is adventure sports.

The most significant activity is the Kundalika River Rafting as part of cheap Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India. The river originates at Tamhini Ghat and flows through the Kolad region. It is well suited for amateur rafting enthusiasts who collect here. The major part of rafting at Kolad is between two dams that are situated about 14 km apart. Rafting begins from the southern end of the Bhira Dam and ends at Dolwahal Dam. There is no change in water level, and it is quite safe even for beginners. The rapids are of Grade 3, and it is possible to cover the 12 km stretch in two hours by raft or kayak during honeymoon tour packages in India.

For obvious reasons, it is most fruitful to visit at the time of rains. Rafting is a popular sport around the world and is a great help in building self-confidence. Kolad is the only location for river rafting in this country that is operational throughout the year.

Besides river rafting, Kolad offers a multitude of activities. These include kayaking and canoeing. There are also facilities for zip lining. It is possible to go bating in this river, and it is a profoundly relaxing experience to observe life on the shores from the tranquil river. The area is dense in forestation, and the superb and verdant greenery brings happiness to all.

Kolad is also very well known for many other types of adventures. The rugged landscape and small hills provide ample opportunity to all those who are looking for adrenaline filled activities. The trails for trekking stretch from easy to adventurous and everyone is offered a possibility to discover the natural beauty in their own way. The forests drenched in monsoon rain and the mountain mist make for a magical place found only in fairy tales.

Those who visit have a plethora of activities to choose from. You can go paragliding or mountain biking. There are numerous waterfalls which can be climbed. The campsites come alive at night with bonfires and the sound of singing and dancing.

The best way to stay here during honeymoon packages is at one of the numerous home stay cottages. Cozy life under the stars brings you a type of farmhouse adventure that is rare to discover.  There are ample opportunities for avid bird watchers to find joy in finding avian species.

The campsites provide a perfect way to spend the evening with friends. It is even more romantic for those who are here for a honeymoon. The entire valley is bathed in the glow of campfires, and there is an ethereal beauty that is hard to describe.

Nearby places to visit

  • Kuda Caves – Kuda Caves deserve special mention. These 13 caves were carved out in the first century by Buddhist monks. There are ancient inscriptions, carvings, as well as sculptures. These rock cut caves are a classic example of Buddhist architecture of the time.
  • Tamhini Falls – It is a very important tourists attraction in Kolad during Loving Honeymoons. The local name is Valse Falls. It is frequented by tourists during the rainy season. The water flows majestically through gaps in the rocks creating a stunning spectacle for all.
  • Bhira Dam – It is popularly known as the Tata dam due to the Tata Electricity powerhouse. The dam was established in the year 1927. The electricity generated by this dam is used in Mumbai and Pune.

Other nearby places of interest include –

  • Sutwarwadi Lake
  • Tala Fort
  • Ghosala Fort
  • Devi Kedar Janani Hills
  • Gaimukh


Kolad has been blessed by nature with lavish gifts, and the backdrop to this scenery is the jagged cliffs of the Sahyadri Range. There are gorgeous lush valleys and marshes which add to the natural gift. In the past few years, it has become extremely popular after being discovered by a few hikers. It is now steadily growing in popularity but has not yet become thoroughly commercialized or crowded.

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