Facts about Lucknow for first time visitors


Popular as the city of Nawabs and kebabs housing ancient architecture and British Lifestyle as well as luxury hotels in Lucknow. The time you spend in this city can be a memorable experience especially if you know the Facts about Lucknow if you are a first timer.

Here are the most interesting facts about Lucknow to make your travel time an interesting experience.

  1. Lucknow houses the Highest Clock Tower in India

There are various Clock Towers in the world and the country but the Hussainabad Clock Tower Lucknow is the tallest in India. The high clock tower is near to one of the best tourist attractions in Lucknow known as Rumi Darwaza. Nawab Nasir – Ud – Din Haider built this tower roughly 220 feet back in the year 1881. The main inspiration behind this architectural monuments of Lucknow is the Big Ben Tower of London. Explore London through the world’s leading luxury train – Maharajas Express which has two restaurants onboard the train.

  1. Lucknow Railway Station resembles a Chessboard from above!

When you board a train to Lucknow. and disembark at the Lucknow Railway Station you will witness the beauty of one of the neatest and lovely looking railway stations in the whole nation. At close distance it looks attractive but you can see the popular reason of the from areal view. Only if picture is taken from above the Charbagh Railway Station Lucknow looks like a Chessboard! You have to see it to witness the pillars, structures and domes that actually look like the pieces on a chess board.

  1. World’s Second Best Airport / Winner of ACI ASQ Award

Now that you know about the railway station there is another fact about Lucknow. that you will be surprised and excited to know. The Lucknow airport is one of the best airports in the world. The Lucknow Airport won the Airport Service Quality Award in the year 2016 by ACI or Airports Council International, the trade body for world over airports. Named after the fifth Prime Minister of India Chaudhury Charan Singh this is the World’s Second Best Airport within the Small Airports category.

  1. First Uprisings against the British Raj started here

This is the city where the first anarchism started in the country. Soon this rebellious activity spread to various parts of the nation against the Britishers. This led to fame and popularity of the city of Lucknow in different parts of the country as the very first seeds of rebellion were sowed here. This was the beginning of rebel and standing up against the British Raj.

  1. Second Happiest City in India’

This survey was done back in the year 2015 but as per the results of the survey conducted in the whole country, Lucknow is said to be ‘the second happiest city in India’. So this is one reason how and why the popular phrase was brought to exist. It says “Muskuraiye Aap Lucknow Mein Hain” meaning “Smile You are in Lucknow”. This is one of the Facts about Lucknow for first time visitors to make you happy.

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