Exploring Pukekohe, NZ


When it comes to education and excitement themed campervan hire new zealand journeys, look no further than Pukekohe. This stunning region is easily one of the most action packed regions in the country, offering many epic activities that will keep you busy for the duration of your stay. If you don’t have Pukekohe on your traveling schedule for your New Zealand journey, then make sure to check out these great things to do when in town and pencil in a stop at this legendary territory.

Pukekohe Park

For sports lovers, this is the grand mecca inall of New Zealand. Established in 1963, this park went on to host the New Zealand Grand Prix as well as the Australian Supercar racing series. These days this expansive park is home to thoroughbred racing and massive cycling tournaments. Check the schedule when you’re in town and see what event you would be interested in attending. There are even testing days where you can bring your own vehicle to the racetrack and get out there on some test laps.

Pukekohe Pioneer Cottage

For those seeking an education experience and learning about New Zealand’s colorful and interesting history, this cottage will be your ticket. This was built in 1859 by the famous settler John Martyn and has been fully preserved in its original form over the many decades it has stood tall. If you wanted to get a feel for what life was like in the 1800s then this will give you a very good idea. The original artifacts are still here and have been preserved as well. This will give you a taste of the lifestyle of the settlers who discovered and explored New Zealand.

Glenbrooke Railway

This location will take you right back in time and give you a taste for what it was like during the colonial days. Railroads played a major role in developing New Zealand, allowing individuals to travel the country easier and to transport supplies used to build towns and cities along the way. Here you will find a vintage train and a station that has been fully restored. The station itself is amazing, and if you wanted a more immersive experience you can book a car on the train and head out on a day trip to take in the surrounding countryside. This is not only a pleasant experience but it’s educational as well since you will be able to fully immerse yourself in a setting that resembles the unique New Zealand frontier from the 1800s.

Te Maketu Waterfall

This region isn’t all about education, however, and what campervan hire new zealand journey is complete without the Te Maketu Waterfall. Just south of Pukekohe you will find this natural wonder in all its glory. Located on the Maketu Pa Historic Reserve where you can find fortified Maori village sites that will show you what it was like for the original inhabitants of these beautiful lands. The hiking trails here are unbelievable and many of them head right through the ancient villages. At the end you will be confronted with the stunning Falls themselves. This is a legendary swimming spot, so if you need to cool off after a long hot day of exploring, then this will be a major relief.

Hampton Downs Motorsport Park

Just outside of Pukekohe you will find the legendary Hampton Downs Motorsport Park. This is one of the most technologically advanced racetracks in the world and is an absolute marvel to visit. There are a massive amount of various racing events here, not to mention a number of different functions throughout the year. The Toyota races call this park home, and you can attend a race here if there’s one happening when you’re in town. There are also a number of ways you can get out on the track, including go kart racing and real racing cars that you can take out on the track. From Lexuses to muscle cars, you can have the racing experience of your life by taking it out for a spin on the track. Make sure to check the track schedule to see when the public racing days are happening so that you can experience this.

No campervan hire new zealand journey through the Auckland area is complete without a stop in Pukekohe where you can enjoy equal doses of education on New Zealand’s rich history and exciting sports activities. There are so many things to do here that you will no doubt be fully entertained for the entire duration of your journey. This is a pleasant and fun stop to make when traveling into or out of the Auckland area, which makes it the perfect day trip for those who are basing themselves in Auckland. Equal parts historic and exciting, Pukekohe has a lot to offer any traveler.

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