Enjoy an Affordable Romantic Vacation (Cheap Top-Rated Destinations)


Who said you should spend your entire savings on that romantic vacation you’ve been planning all year?

There are places where you can spend a nice holiday with your soulmate and still have some change when you hop on the return plane. We are not talking about those cheap places where every Tom Dick and Harry floods to for every year to get some tan in the summer.

These are top-rated destinations where you will have access to some of the best warm water beaches, exquisite saunas, top-level accommodation and exotic dining. All the in an affordable package that would make you feel like a cheat. Here are some of the best affordable romantic destinations that should be on your bucket list.

Anguilla- A Cheap Romantic Getaway in The Middle of Nowhere

Nothing beats flying to an excluded island nation for your honeymoon. More often than not, escaping to an island can either be risky or downright expensive; not the case with Anguilla. This Caribbean paradise is one of the best and most exclusive places on earth. The British territory welcomes thousands of holidaymakers from Europe and around the world each year.

It boasts of warm sandy beaches such as; Rendezvous Bay, sandy bay, shoal bay and many more. Life in Anguilla is slow and relaxing- the total population is just below fifteen-thousand. How cheap is Anguilla you ask? A typical 3-star hotel goes for just under two hundred USD in the high season.

You will not just enjoy the exclusivity and beaches but have a chance to explore its protected nature parks, interact with its wonderful diverse people and enjoy eating lots and lots of chicken- Chicken is the staple food in Anguilla if you didn’t know!

Bali- A Hidden Gem in Southeast Asia

Ever head of Indonesia? I bet you have, but not as a romantic destination. Indonesia is a tropical archipelago with a thriving tourist industry. Most people only get to visit the typical places in and around Jakarta such as the thousand islands. However, Bali is one of the top-rated romantic destinations in Indonesia and you should make a point to visit. Take it from the Aussies, they love visiting Bali all year round,

Bali is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches mixing with tropical forests and mountains. There is no shortage of activities for romantics to engage in when they visit Bali. From snorkeling to hiking in the Ubud forest, shopping in the cultural markets and enjoying Spa treatments sprinkled all over the island. You can get a nice Bali beach resort that costs little over a hundred or two hundred USD a day depending on the season and location.

Kenya- Explore the Jungle and Relax in Warm Sandy Beaches

Kenya is one of the top-rated romantic destinations in Africa. It is known for its diverse wildlife, friendly people and some of the best warm water beaches in the world. A trip to any of the protected national parks or reserves will allow you to experience the jungle in its raw, unscripted form. There are many cheap top-rated resorts in the coastal areas and inside the parks for you to enjoy your honeymoon or romantic getaway in Kenya. The beaches in Diani, Malindi and Mombasa will make your vacation truly unforgettable.

Cambodia- Not What You Would Expect

This one might come as a surprise to many. Chances are that you’ve never heard of or seen Cambodia in the typical travel guides people read online. That said Cambodia is a hidden gem for those looking for an exclusive romantic destination on the cheap. The country is endowed with everything nature can provide including lakes, parks and much more. Perhaps you fancy visiting archaeological sites and gothic temples. Bayon is one of the most breathtaking Khmer temples on earth. Accommodation and travel packages for couples is really affordable considering what you get.

Final Words

A romantic vacation is an important occasion but doesn’t need to be expensive. Any of the top affordable destinations mentioned here are good enough minus the high costs. Enjoy your travels and be safe while at it!

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