Brunching In The Big Mango


For friends and families around the world, Sunday brunch has become a weekly tradition. Particularly for members of the millennial generation, brunch has become an obsession and many people are willing to wait hours to sip coffee and leisurely eat a plate of eggs at the most popular brunch places. Arguably, brunch has become the most important meal of the week, and it is often the highlight of the weekend. In the chic city of Bangkok, Sunday brunch is at its best, and no place serves a better Sunday buffet than the Sofitel Sukhumvit.

Love Affair with Food

On nearly every street corner in Bangkok is a tasty restaurant or tempting street vendor. It sometimes seems that the Thai people are always snacking on something or grabbing delicious-looking food, and visitors to Bangkok are doing the same. When the cuisine is this good and the options are so plentiful, it would be impossible to resist the extra curry or additional dumpling.

Food is a huge part of the Thai culture. Meals are frequently shared with family or friends and are truly a social activity. As well, Thai people love to eat outside the home. Whether it is grabbing tom yom goong at the nearest market or heading to central Bangkok for a late night feed with friends, locals in the Big Mango are constantly sitting down with one another for a bite. This long history of sharing meals makes indulging in a long Sunday brunch or Sunday brunch buffet in Bangkok a new, but beloved, affair for upper- and middle-class Thais.

Brunch Comes to Bangkok

Bangkok has always had a wide variety of cuisines and flavours. Influences from India, China, Vietnam, and Korea are found in restaurants throughout the city. It took more time for Bangkok’s food scene to become cutting-edge. However, the city’s chefs are now some of the best and most innovative in the world. These creative individuals are pushing the limits of traditional Thai food and other cuisines everywhere from independent restaurants to upscale hotel restaurants, such as those at Sofitel Sukhumvit.

As Bangkok continues to grow its culinary scene, brunch has quickly become popular. Cute cafes and coffee shops are serving the expected dishes of eggs benedict, pancakes, and waffles. Meanwhile, other restaurants and hotels are taking Sunday brunch to the next level by introducing all you can eat and pay as you go buffet options. As well, more traditional Thai restaurants are offering Sunday specials. A quick search shows that a visitor to Bangkok could brunch every day of the week and not exhaust the many options.

Brunching on Holiday

As if brunch could be any better, for visitors on holiday in Bangkok the meal is incredibly lush. The Sofitel Sukhumvit serves a buffet each and every Sunday for its guests, other visitors to Bangkok, and locals. The popular buffet has an incredible range of options, from Western food to takes on Thai dishes. Being a buffet, it is possible to while away hours recapping the weekend that passed or planning for the week ahead. After the unhurried meal, it will likely be time to set out and explore the exciting area of Sukhumvit.

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