Best Sports Motor Bus Service


Every Sports player need dedication and full mind set before going into the fields. There should not be any distraction of any kind. So, all the management needs to be done before hand. One such thing is the transportation. A bad transportation might lead to chaos and might affect the mindset of the player. This is where the Chicago Motor Coach comes into the picture.


The Chicago Motor Coach is one of the best luxurious bus services to offer. They have been operating for over 32 years. They have trained drivers to handle just for this case. All drivers have a background check and you don’t have to worry about them. They believe in giving the top-notch quality service and at the same time provide the safety which is their number one priority.


Since you want to have the service to pick up and drop off, you can select two of their offers. First, if you want the service for one whole day, it’s better to pick up their transfer rate, which is $450 for an approximate of 15 miles, if it’s more than you might have to pay more. Another rate you can choose for is the Hourlyrate if the location you are going is less and you plan on leaving the service after you have reached the location. For that, the hourly rate is up to $130 per hour but you need to book the service for a minimum time of 5 hours to avail this.

You should know that you have to pay 20% of the total amount at the time of the booking and rest 5 days prior to the trip to confirm the booking. If the time of the booking is less than 5 days prior to the trip then you have to pay the full amount.


Now that you know which rate you might be choosing from, let’s go and look what motor coach the Chicago Motor Coach, Inc. has to offer.

You may choose from wide variety of fields depending on what type of bus and what is the number of passengers you have.

  • Mini Executive Motor Coach: If you have small group teams up to 32 passengers then this is the one you should go for. It has two variants, one with 28 passenger seats and other with 32 passenger seats. Both of them are ideal for pick up and drop off of the players. As the company gives first priority to safety, they have rentable seat belts and with a state of the art sound system with DVD and CD player, flat screen and a PR system to give a seamless experience and an experience which will make you use this service every time.
  • Executive Motor Coach: This is the bigger version of the above bus system. These house 40 passengers. If you have a big team then this is ideal for you. It has a full leather interior to give an experience of the life time.

Go now and book your bus now. You need to book at least 5 days prior to the trip to be sure to have the luxurious motor coaches by your side.

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