Best Hiking Trails In Australia



Apart from having some of the best tourist attractions, Australia has so much to offer to mountain hikers. Here are some of these superb trails you can enjoy hiking when you visit Australia;

  • Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory

Here hikers begin from Alice Springs located in the Red Centre. It is a 250 km walk along this quasi- desert trail via the desolate deep red McDonnell Ranges. On the way, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Ormistort Gorge, Simpsons Gap and the beauty of Mt. Sonder as they ascend the other side of the mountain. Hikers go in groups since it is very distant. It is such a beautiful experience.

  • Cape to cape track

Located in western region of Australia, this trail covers a distance f 135 kilometers across the Leeuwin- Naturaliste National Park, in the boarder of cape Leeuwin and lighthouses of Cape Naturaliste. As you walk between these two capes, you get to see many things like the white beaches, eucalyptus woodland, furrowed sea cliffs, a china-blue sea as well as wildflowers and whales among others. This walk takes a period of 7days or more. Some of the hikers decide to walk on their own while others walk in groups. However, participants pack daily requirements and arrange for their own conveyance and accommodation as well.

  • Dove lake circuit, Cradle Mountain

This is Australia’s best hike covering a distance of 80 kilometers. Hikers start from Cradle Mountain all the way to Lake St. Clair. It has wonderful sceneries you can enjoy as you walk. These are; moderate rainforest, Glacier rock with markings, which were created by long time ice masses and a boat shed among others.

  • Binna Burra to Green mountains

This trail is located in Queensland. It extends through the Atlantic beech wood forest, cool-temperate rainforests across the brim of the Tweed valley extrusive eroding volcanic crater.

  • The Bibbulmun Track

It is located in west Australia. It is a big trail of about 1000 kilometers passing through some of the great physical features of Australia’s western region. Waving the hills outside Perth is where hikers commence their journey and then purls through the plutonic rock mountains and Jarrah forests heading to the southern direction all the way to the popular forests of karri and ends their hike in the great Albany, which is the oldest town in Western Australia. This is a paradise for the hike lovers.

  • Overland Track

Located in Tasmania, the overland trail occupies a distance of 65 kilometers. Hikers take a six-day walk via the cradle mountain national park. Hikers enjoy this track as they view the beautiful scenery along the way.

  • The Blue Mountains

This trail is easily accessible from the Sydney. Along the way, there are great features like cliffs, waterfalls, beautiful forests as well as valleys with great viewing points. It is a great experience to hike on this trail.

  • Conclusion

Hiking is one of the best ways to explore Australia’s natural features. This beautiful continent boasts of great hiking trails ranging from epic treks to short hikes. If you are looking for a great place to enjoy your hiking then Australian visa is the solution to your problems.

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